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Nafion™ XL
Please note that Nafion™ XL has been discontinued by Chemours and only limited supplies are availabl..
Nafion™ 212
Nafion™ 212 is 50.8 micrometers (2 mil) thick. The membrane is positioned between a backing fil..
Nafion™ 115
Nafion™ 115 is 127 micrometers (5 mil) thick. Chemours' Nafion™ 115 membranes are ..
Nafion™ 117
Nafion™ 117 is 183 micrometers (7.2 mil) thick. Chemours' Nafion™ 117 membranes are non..
Nafion™ 1110
Nafion™ 1110 is 254 micrometers (10 mil) thick. Chemours'  Nafion™ 1110, EW 1100&n..
Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-05 (previously Xion™ PEM-725-05)
The Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-05 (previously known as Xion™ PEM-725-05) is a composite PEM that use the 3..
Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-10 (previously Xion™ PEM-725-10)
The Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-10(previously known as Xion™ PEM-725-10) is a composite PEM that use t..
Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-20 (previously Xion™ PEM-725-20)
The Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-20 (previously known as Xion™ PEM-725-20) is a composite PEM that use the 3..
Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-30 (previously Xion™ PEM-725-30)
The Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-30 (previously known as Xion™ PEM-725-30) is a composite PEM that use the 3..
Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-50 (previously Xion™ PEM-725-50)
The Xion™ PEM-Dyneon-725-50 (previously known as Xion™ PEM-725-50) is a composite PEM that use the 3..

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