Nafion™ N324, Teflon™ Fabric Reinforced

Nafion™ N324, Teflon™ Fabric Reinforced
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Dupont's Nafion™ N-324 is a perfluorosulfonic acid cation exchange membrane combining outstanding chemical resistance with a strong polytetrafluoroethylene fiber reinforcement.  It is recommended for use in chloroalkali production and a variety of electrolytic processes. Nafion™-324 is 0.15mm (0.006in) thick.


Laboratory Cell (45cm² active area)*

Cell Voltage (V) Current Efficiency (%) NaOH (%)
3.53 88 10
3.53 88 14
3.50 84 20

*Conditions: 3mm gap, DSA anode, steel cathode, 90°C


Nafion™ N-324 is shipped in the "DRY" H+ form.  "DRY" H+ membranes require simple pre-treatment in alkaline water.  Refer to Nafion™ Technical Bulletin No. 93-01 for "DRY" H+ membrane pretreatment.

Please note: The side marked CATH must be installed facing the cathode, otherwise, the membranes will be irreversibly damaged in use. If your membrane is not marked simply feel both sides of the membrane, the rougher side will be the cathode side while the smoother side is the anode side.

Please contact us at for the SDS and technical data sheets (TDS).

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