Nafion™ 117

Nafion™ 117
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Nafion™ 117 is 183 micrometers (7.2 mil) thick.

Chemours' Nafion™ 117 membranes are non-reinforced films based on chemically stabilized perfluorosulfonic acid/PTFE copolymer in the acid (H+) form. The physical properties remain the same for the chemically stabilized membranes, which exhibit substantially lower fluoride ion release compared to the non-stabilized polymer – a sign of improved chemical durability. Nafion™ PFSA membranes are widely used for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and water electrolyzers. The membrane performs as a separator and solid electrolyte in a variety of electrochemical cells that require the membrane to selectively transport cations across the cell junction. The polymer is chemically resistant and durable.

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Thickness 183 micrometers (7.2 mil)
Basic Weight (g/m²) 360
Tensile Strength - max. (MPa) N/A
Non-Std Modulus (MPa) N/A
Elongation to Break (%) N/A
Tear Resistance - Initial (g/mm) N/A
Tear Resistance - Propagating (g/mm) N/A
Specific Gravity (23 °C, 50% RH) N/A
Available Acid Capacity (meq/g) N/A
Total Acid Capacity (meq/g) N/A
Conductivity (S/cm) N/A
Hydrolytic Properties
Water content (% water) N/A
Water uptake (% water) N/A
Linear Expansion % increase - 50% RH, 23°C to water soaked 23°C 10.0 - Method: ASTM D 756
Linear Expansion % increase - 50% RH, 23°C to water soaked 100°C 15.0 - Method: ASTM D 756

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