2 mg/cm² Platinum Black - Paper

2 mg/cm² Platinum Black - Paper
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The most cost effective, higher catalyst loading Gas Diffusion Electrode.  At 2 mg/cm² of Platinum Black, this GDE has 4-times the loading of the standard loading and is used in Fuel Cells and electrochemical systems requiring higher performance levels than can be reached with the lower loadings of supported catalysts.  This is the standard loading for many Hydrogen / Air Fuel Cells and is applied to Sigracet 29BC - carbon paper Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL).  

Custom GDL, sizes, and catalyst loadings are also available.

Features Include:

  • 2 mg/cm² Platinum Black on Sigracet 29BC gas diffusion material
  • Optional Nafion Post Coat for improved water management and adhesion to the membrane
  • Perfect for Hydrogen/Air Fuel Cells where the extra cost of the High Performance GDE may not be justified.
Air Permeability [cm³/(cm²*s)] 1.5
Porosity 80%
PTFE Treated 5%
Micro Porous Layer (MPL) Yes
Type Platinum Black
Loading 2.0 mg/cm²
Gas Diffusion Layer
Type Sigracet 29BC
Fiber Type Paper
Thickness (microns) 235
Basic Weight (g/m²) 90
Through-Plane Resistance (mΩcm²) < 12