AvCarb GDS2120

AvCarb GDS2120
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AvCarb Material Solution’s Gas Diffusion System GDS2120 combines AvCarb's proprietary carbon fiber paper, a PTFE treatment, and micro-porous layer coating, designed for the rigorous demands of specific fuel cell applications such as PEMFC, DMFC, and PAFC.

Thickness (um) .248 mm (248 microns)
Bulk Density 0.40 g/cm3
Fiber Type Carbon Fiber Paper (Base material is AvCarb P75)
Break Strength Cross Machine Direction 15 MPa
Nominal Base Weight 101 g/m²
Stiffness Machine Direction 21.0 Taber
Break Strength Machine Direction 25 MPa
Compressibility ((22N - 113N)/22 x 100%) 11.0%
PTFE Treated Yes
Stiffness Cross Machine Direction 14.7 Taber
Micro Porous Layer (MPL) Yes, on one side
Gas Diffusion Layer
Through-Plane Resistance (mΩcm²) <14.0 mOhm*cm²

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