Carbon Paper GDE

High Performance Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDE) are 2 mg/cm² of Platinum Black, 4 mg/cm² of Platinum Black, and 4 mg/cm² of Platinum Ruthenium Black on a carbon paper substrate with a Microporous Layer (MPL) and a Nafion post coat for improved water management and adhesion to the membrane.  A high performance GDE is used where the best performance and durability is required.  Typical applications include Hydrogen Oxygen fuel cells, the aerospace industry, or as cathode material in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC).

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2 mg/cm² Platinum Black - Paper
The most cost effective, higher catalyst loading Gas Diffusion Electrode.  At 2 mg/cm² of ..
4 mg/cm² Platinum Black - Paper
A high performance, high platinum loading Gas Diffusion Electrode, typically used in applications wh..
4 mg/cm² Platinum Ruthenium Black - Paper
The most popular Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) for use in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC). The Pla..