Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE)

These Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDE) are suitable for use in the building and/or researching of your own fuel cell Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA). We offer Gas Diffusion Electrodes in two standard configuration groups: High Performance and Standard Loading. High Performance Gas Diffusion Electrodes contain a higher loading of catalyst (Platinum, Platinum Ruthenium, etc.) while the Standard Loading GDEs contain a lower but still efficient and effective loading (such as 60% Platinum on Carbon).

If you do not see the Gas Diffusion Electrode that you are looking for be sure to contact our fuel cell manufacturing department here. We can provide ultra-low loadings down to 0.003 mg/cm² and up to 8 mg/cm² of any catalyst and gas diffusion layer (GDL) you may have in mind. We also can customize the size or shape of the GDE as well!

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0.5 mg/cm² 60% Platinum on Vulcan - Paper
This is the standard loading for many Hydrogen / Air Fuel Cells and is applied to Sigracet 29BC -&nb..
2 mg/cm² Platinum Black - Paper
The most cost effective, higher catalyst loading Gas Diffusion Electrode.  At 2 mg/cm² of ..
4 mg/cm² Platinum Black - Paper
A high performance, high platinum loading Gas Diffusion Electrode, typically used in applications wh..
4 mg/cm² Platinum Ruthenium Black - Paper
The most popular Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) for use in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC). The Pla..
Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) Kit
A quantity of 2 of each type is included in the kit. Our Gas Diffusion Electrode (..