Standard Loading GDE

Standard Loadings Gas Diffusion Electrodes are 0.03 mg/cm² platinum on carbon (20%), 0.2 mg/cm² platinum on carbon (20%), 0.3 mg/cm² platinum on carbon (40%), 0.5 mg/cm² platinum on carbon (60%), and 2 mg/cm² platinum or platinum ruthenium loading on a woven carbon or paper substrate with a Microporous Layer (MPL) and a Nafion post coat for improved water management and adhesion to the membrane. These options are perfect for Hydrogen/Air Fuel Cells where the extra cost of the High Performance GDE may not be justified.

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0.3 mg/cm² 40% Platinum on Vulcan - Paper
A low-cost electrode utilizing a carbon paper substrate and a Platinum on Vulcan Carbon support cata..
0.5 mg/cm² 60% Platinum on Vulcan - Paper
This is the standard loading for many Hydrogen / Air Fuel Cells and is applied to Sigracet 22BB -&nb..

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